Client Testimonials

Michele & Jim for Rosemay – September 2022

Like most homeowners, when it comes time to sell your home it is emotional and stressful time.  We were no different and our first problem was how do we pick a real estate agent? My Mother is 97 years old and moving to retirement residence.  Fortunately for us we were referred to you by the downsizing expert.

From our first phone conversation we were certain we found the right person to sell my Moms condominium apartment.  You were very articulate in explaining the process to us in thorough detail.

You took the time to do a thorough market research on her area and went back over a number of years of sales.  With that information, you were able to help us come up with a sales figure that would afford us the quick sale we needed.  In probably the slowest market in years you managed to sell Moms condo in short order at a very competitive price.

Throughout the whole process you were always accessible and very helpful whenever we had any questions.

We highly recommend you to anyone looking for a first rate 5 star agent and wish you continued success in your career.

FA – June 2021

Doreen is very professional and very prompt with her replies to our queries.  She goes above and beyond.

AW – February 2021

Doreen is very polite, easy going and not pushy like some other agents.  Professional, I am impressed by her going the extra mile in adding extra clauses against marijuana, Q tips in drains to protect landlord’s interest in the leases.

R S – November 2020
Doreen Min was exceptionally organized and was able to explain the intricacies of selling my home in complete detail. She was willing to go beyond just listing the property by producing a sale sheet and even providing a container for it for the outside sign. She was very aware of the difficulty of selling in The Covid pandemic and followed up on All visitors, whether they turned up or not. She usually provided immediate feedback which I found very helpful in taking care of any anxieties i may have had. I thank her for being my agent.  Ms. Min was very professional straddling the area of the friendliness while being able to be empathetic in process.  I appreciated this ability in her.

KE – September 2020

Doreen Min is an honest, caring and very professional agent.  She is not pushy and will point out things that a buyer or seller might overlook.  She punctually observes her appointment times and is very good at delivering information promised, as well as reminding the buyer/seller of matters they have to be aware of and fulfill.

KA – August 2020

Doreen is very professional and focused on getting her clients the right results, but at the same time she is honest in her assessments of the properties in question. A+

T L – February 2020
We have been working with Doreen for over 10 years for properties purchases in Toronto area. She is very helpful and well representing us and I recommend her if anyone is looking for a realtor in Greater Toronto.

AM – February 2020

My agent, Doreen Min is very responsible and respectful person.  She has amazing management skill and she knows what she is doing.  I have no doubt to recommend others who what to sell/buy their properties.

PPS – April 2019

Doreen is a very professional and knowledgeable agent.  We could see her dedication to look for the house what is within our budget, her recommendations, explanations for a house choices and educating us, who are first time home buyers, along the whole purchasing is incredible.  I can totally vouch for her that any first time buyer who is as clueless as us can depend on her for recommendations from the very first step to closing.  Overall, very pleasant experience working with her.

AH – October 2018

I have been a corporate lawyer doing international transactions for over 30 years. It is truly rare to come across a professional who combines Doreen’s market knowledge, negotiating skills and integrity.  However, what truly impressed was her fine appreciation of the emotional dimension in something so personal as buying a house.  She understood what our family needed and she delivered.  I cannot praise Doreen Highly enough.

SM – December 2017

Doreen was fantastic and really helped us thorough our purchase process.  She spent a lot of time explaining all of our options and also provided us extremely unbiased reviews of all the properties we visited.  At times, Doreen noticed and pointed out items in the homes that we ourselves did not notice, that definitely impacted our choice of home.  Overall Doreen was extremely responsive, positive and quick when it came to our purchase and provided us step by step information on what to do through this process.  Highly recommend her!

AF – January 2017

Doreen is very patient with us as a first time buyer, She is very efficient and detailed at every stage of our purchase, providing tips and hints and what to look for for a house.  Will definitely recommend Doreen!

S M – February 2016
“I find Doreen very pleasant and thrall in her work and honest with her opinion even if is not your favour. In other words she will be up front what is right and not right.
Some times you want to hear all nice stuff but she points out all good and bad”

K C – January 2016
Doreen is by far the best agent ,i have ever come across, very honest, straight to the point, provide advise and suggestion very clearly, and explain in detail how and what the process for the whole deal, goes out of her way to make us feel like her family.

AK – January 2016

As a first time home buyer, this was a daunting task for me but having Doreen all along the way made things a breeze.  Any time I had a question, her timely responses were very comfortable.  She was a treasure trove of information and coupled with attention to details, I had no doubt I was in good hands.

NL – January 2015

It was a pleasure working with Doreen Min.  She is a wonderful agent- honest, responsible and always looking out for our best interests.  She is warm, friendly and genuinely wanted to make sure that we got the best condominium possible within our price range.

She handled all aspects of our deal, always making herself available to answer any question we had.  We felt throughout the whole process that she went out of her way to explain everything to us including title insurance and closing procedures etc.  She is punctual and attentive to detail.

EP – January 2014

I thank you for the time you took to provide explanation of all the documentation; for ensuring I understood all the paperwork as well as the procedures and many personal visits you made to keep me totally informed on everything that was transpiring between the time of Listing and the Sale.  You effectively relieved me of the worry I initially felt, and managed to turn the transaction into a pleasant experience.

IK – October 2013

I have a pleasure of working with Doreen when I was purchasing a house last year.  This time around Doreen helped me with selling the house.  I have to say both her level of professionalism and support throughout the process were unmatched.

In particular, what impressed me the most is her approach to the discussion of comparison properties.  Obviously, while our goal was to get the highest reasonable price, Doreen took time to explain all the pitfalls of setting the selling price too high.  She also took the time to actually review the comparison properties and to explain the price setting process.  The interaction left me with the feeling of being comfortable I was getting a fair market price of the house.

Throughout the negotiation process, Doreen was very helpful, while standing firm for my interest.  The buyer was being difficult at times and Doreen did an amazing job navigating the negotiation process, while making sure that I was feeling comfortable making respective decisions at each milestone.

HM – July 2011

In the spring of 2010 I made a decision to sell my condo and upgrade to a detached house.  I engaged the services of Ms. Doreen Min.  Form the out start Doreen was very professional, punctual, knowledgeable and transparent in our quest.  She was always sure to outline the pros and cons of a property; she was very patient and tried to answer all my questions to the best of her ability although sometimes some of my questions were not so intelligent questions; she was never annoyed nor discouraged when I did not show any interest at the end of a long evening after viewing about 7 properties. My quest for purchasing a detached property was made easy and understandable every step of the way.

Following this, I further engaged the services Doreen to sell my condo; once again Doreen showed absolute professionalism, courtesy, knowledge and punctuality in her role as the seller’s agent.  Thus, I was able to sell my condo in a short period of time.

EP – October 2009

“When you offered your services to help my daughter look for a house, I was totally unfamiliar with your principals – Coldwell Banker and therefore a bit hesitant, however you have proven to be a Great Agent, and an excellent ambassador to your company. We were grateful for your preparing, and then patiently reviewing with us, every detail of each of the several offers that were made, prior to the successful offer. Looking for a house can be very trying, you actually managed to make it a pleasant experience.”

JA – April 2009

For the record it should be noted that:

  1. I am 82 years old and have a reputation of being very critical and not easy to please.
  2. During my many years in business, I have seldom given reference letters, however my real estate dealings with Doreen Min of the Terrequity Realty, a member of the Coldwell Banker Brokerage during the past year and a half, resulted in an exceptional experience.

Doreen listened intently to my critique of her assessment and to my expectations.  Because of the depth of the homework she had done, we had not difficulty in arriving very quickly of a mutually agreeable potential market value for my home.  An Offer was received just after a week of listing.  The buyers and their agent proved to be very difficult to negotiate with, but this is where Doreen really proved herself.  She negotiated strenuously for the next week and finally obtained an Offer that met the criteria I had given her and I accepted it. During this entire process, I received a daily detailed status report and her plan for handling problems.

I am fully aware that this is what a real estate agent is trained to do and is supposed to do, however this is the only time in selling this and four previous homes that these expectations have been met.  It was a pleasure dealing with the only agent I have met, that I would classify as a professional.